Our cold pressed oils are crafted in the South on a century old family farm using time honored techniques.  Our simple process, genuine care for your approval, and desire to keep it PURE & FRESH make Oliver Farm a natural choice for any pantry.  Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavor and nutritional value.

How to use our oils:

Dressings:  Make seasonal or anytime vinaigrettes using fresh fruit or jams.

Dips:  Our bold flavors are excellent for dipping breads and cheeses.

Sauteing:  High smoke points (pecan has a smoke point of 470, sunflower and peanut 400 vs olive oil 340) are perfect for sauteing beef, pork, and poultry .  

Add a burst of flavor to your veggies.  Simply toss potatoes, greens, onions, peppers or any vegetable and saute.

Marinade: Oliver Farm Artisan Oils have a depth of flavor that will enhance grilled or oven roasted chicken, fish, or vegetables. 

Grilled: Brush on any veggie or meat to add a new dimension of flavor. 

Good for Health, 

Good for You

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