Pecan Gift Box 8oz

Pecan Gift Box 8oz

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Contains one 1 lb bag of Pecan Flour, and one 8.4oz bottle of Pecan Oil in our hand crafted box

Oliver Farm Pecan oil tastes just like the delicious and nutritious pecan.  It has a more amber color than many of our oils and it is packed with vitamins and minerals.  With a high smoke point of *470 our pecan oil is perfect for searing, frying or using on the grill.  Use it like us and drizzle it over just about anything to add a little Southern swag to your favorite meal!

Our Pecan flour is high protein, low carb, and naturally Gluten Free making it a great choice for health conscious eaters and those with dietary restrictions.  

Locally Milled by Oliver Oil Co., LLC

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